The RecAL Hub

The RecAL Hub will link and provide the necessary information for recyclers of materials to assess input materials transparently and connect with providers of scrap. An anonymised data sharing architecture will be put in place to secure the marketplace, while feedback of upcycling strategies will be connected to formulae (alloy designs) and made available to buyers and users (manufacturers).

The RecAL Hub is the digital cockpit that will connect the 14 CATs developed within the project. The RecAL Hub should ultimately allow partners to track & simulate the movement of Al-reyclate in volumes, weights, qualities, and other to-be-defined characteristics.

Perhaps the single largest hinderance to full circularity in Europe’s aluminium supply is a lack of harmonised communication. Differing standards exist for primary production, secondary procurement, and actual manufacturing, all based on outdated protocols that impede holistic, synergistic, and interactive communication between necessary entiries.

RecAL is aiming to define parameters that encompass all applicable to materials at every stage of the circular processing chain – from design to scrapping to manufactures demands – and implement them using accessible data formats suitable for automated exchange.

When it comes to the compounds, quantities, and quality characteristics of recycled material streams, far less information is normally provided than in the procurement of virgin materials. This often leads to the former being rejected, even when it could have fulfilled the purpose. Filling in these data and communicative gaps is vital to ensuring circularity for aluminium.