Completing the Circle for Aluminium

Increased impurity tolerance in alloy design without compromising performance

Harmonising communication between all sectors of the aluminium industry

Creating recyclate streams with vastly enhanced impurities

Adapting production to unlock potential of secondary resources

The RecAL project (short for Recycling technologies for circular Aluminium), takes a comprehensive approach to harnessing this valuable secondary resource.

It strategically addresses every stage of circular production and tackles challenges across the entire value chain.

Innovating the future of Aluminium

With a commitment to innovation, RecAL will advance 14 Circular Amplification Technologies (aka CATs) up to Technology Readiness Level 6 (TRL6) and integrate them into a digital, socio-technical ecosystem known as the aluminium hub for circularity.

This interactive platform will foster direct collaboration among stakeholders along the value chain, promoting full-scale industrial and technological symbiosis while closing energy, resource, and data loops at both regional and European scales.

The RecAL Hub

This project is developing advanced recycling and digital technologies to facilitate a circular aluminium economy, enabled by the proposed RecAL Hub, a digital cockpit tracking Al-recyclates across the continent, connecting suppliers with buyers. In this way, RecAL will address critical challenges in the industry to usher in a new era of sustainable production – and reuse – for the metal.

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19 Partners from 9 European Countries

The RecAL Consortium comprises 19 partners led by project co-ordinator AIT-LKR, with expertise in multiple sectors, including engineering, innovation, metals, and IT expertise specific to the project’s key outputs. Additional expertise is present in the management and communication of Horizon Europe projects (executed by consultancy, RTDS Group who co-led development of the RecAL proposal), along with business planning and IP management.


€10.6 million total EU contribution


Running from 1 January 2024 – 31 December 2027


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